I happened to come across this news item today…

NVIDIA ForceWare 185.66 BETA

  • Adds support for Ambient Occlusion – the newest NVIDIA Control Panel feature to offer enhanced 3D gaming realism exclusively to GeForce GPUs.

For a second i thought i fell into a April Fools joke…. but really NVidia?  There are no importaint bugs or performance issues to address?  You need to implement your own SSAO in the driver?

I’m sure the art directors of the industry will raise their voices in praise of this huge step.  No longer do they have to concern themselves with how their games look.  NVidia and the game players will “fix” the problems with your art in the driver control panel… the tool of choice for serious artists.

I hope this driver feature dies… bad NVidia… no cookie.

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GDC 2009

I’m currently a little loopy from the pre-GDC crunch…



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Windows 7

Seems like the Windows 7 public beta is fairly popular… i would be installing it myself if i wasn’t so busy.

I hope this somehow is an indicator of pent up demand for a new OS that isn’t Vista.  XP is now 8 years old and its no secret that the failures of Vista adoption by the masses, and hence DX10, has set back graphics advancements in the PC game industry.  It seems to still be around 30% of gamers according to the Valve and Unity hardware surveys… not quite enough to bother to support it.

I hope to see a DX11 GFX device for Torque 3D in the near future… some really cool stuff will be possible.

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